Top-3 Trade Destinations for Antonio Brown

Well if you didn’t know, Antonio Brown wants out of Pittsburgh and he wants out now. The seven time Pro-Bowl wide receiver is clearly ready to move on after nine seasons with the team who drafted him in the fifth round.

So with that, here are the three teams I think make the most sense in terms of need and cap space availability.

1.  San Francisco 49ers

Well this is a very obvious answer not only because the 49ers have a ton of cap space but also because Antonio Brown seems to like the idea too.


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Now this would also fit the 49ers need at wide receiver and they have $60+ million in cap space available too. This would also fulfill the Steelers desire to have Brown play in the NFC.

2.  Oakland Raiders

The Raiders are not quite as ideal for the Steelers because they are in the AFC. However, the Raiders have the capital (three first round draft picks this season) and the cap space ($70+ million). They also have a huge need at wide receiver after trading former first round pick, Amari Cooper, to the Dallas Cowboys before the 2018 NFL trade deadline.

3.  Green Bay Packers

The Packers are a team that makes sense for multiple reasons. Antonio Brown likely wants to play for a contender, which the Packers could be next season. The Packers have some money to spend ($35+ million) and they are an NFC team. This would be hard to watch as a Vikings fan but if it were to happen the Packers would be a top-5 offense in the league, assuming Aaron Rodgers plays to his potential. The Packers may be unwilling to pay Brown what he wants but the fit is definitely viable.

These are three teams that make sense in many ways. The 49ers seem to be leading in the sweepstakes, in terms of Brown’s interest, but the offer will have to be right for the Steelers too. But if you are in Pittsburgh’s shoes, you have to trade him because he will likely hold out if his demands aren’t met. And why would you keep a player that will not play for you? Especially when the player makes more than $10 million a year. That could be money spent on someone who will play for you and someone who wants to play for you.

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