Schuby’s Pre-Season Top-5 MLB Power Rankings

The baseball season is near. I am very excited as a big baseball fan. What’s one of the big questions heading into the season? To me it’s – who will win the World Series? In this piece I will give my top five teams who I think have the best chance to win.

Honorable Mentions:

AL: Cleveland Indians, Los Angeles Angels

NL: Atlanta Braves, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals

5.  Philadelphia Phillies

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Yes this is probably quite a stretch but I like what the Phillies have done this offseason. And maybe they aren’t done yet either. Potentially Bryce Harper or Manny Machado in Philly? I think the likelihood of them getting one of the two is fairly high. Which could help their case immensely to be a top five team this season. However, they have done quite a bit to improve already. Their most recent move saw them acquire J.T. Realmuto, for my money the best catcher in baseball right now, from the Marlins. Not only that but they’ve improved the rest of their line-up and bullpen with these players: Andrew McCuthcen (OF), David Robertson (RP), Jean Segura (IF), and Juan Nicasio (RP). I look for them to beat the Braves and Nationals for the NL East crown and make a run in the postseason. To me, the NL Championship game is their ceiling .

4.  Houston Astros
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Well the 2017 World Champs still have arguably the best line-up in baseball. They may lose a key part to their rotation in Dallas Keuchel but they made their line-up even better by signing Michael Brantley from Cleveland. They have some bullpen pieces and some young guys they’re counting on to step up in their rotation too. Don’t forget veterans like Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole will be returning at the top of the rotation. A trip back to the ALCS is very possible for them. Maybe even the World Series?

3.  Boston Red Sox
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What more do I need to say?  The World Series Champs, they just won the whole thing. Maybe the question is, why aren’t they number one on the list? Well the biggest question mark may be their bullpen. Re-signing Craig Kimbrel is quite unlikely at this point. However, they do have a solid and young line-up on the offensive side. Don’t forget a solid three-head rotation with Chris Sale, David Price, and Rick Porcello. Some more good news is that they have re-signed two postseason stars Nathan Eovaldi and Steve Pearce. A trip back to the World Series is definitely possible but the Yankees may have something to say about that.

2.  Milwaukee Brewers

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Well the team that was one game away from the World Series will be in the World Series this year I believe. Christian Yelich leading the way is a huge part of this team’s success but they have some other good pieces too. They also upgraded their offense by signing Yasmani Grandal from the Los Angeles Dodgers. They are also hoping for bounce back years from relievers: Alex Claudio (acquired in trade with Texas) and Jake Petricka (free agent signing from CHW). I also think this team will make at least one move before the season starts and again at the July 31st trade deadline. The Brew Crew is likely headed for another NL East crown and deep postseason run.

1.  New York Yankees
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The Yankees are a team I personally can’t stand and that is probably everyone of you unless you are a Yankees fan, player, or coach. However, it is undeniable that they are, on paper, one of the best teams in all of baseball right now. Not only was the team good last year but they have gotten even better, again on paper, this year. They have added free agents: Troy Tulowitzki (SS), D.J. LeMahieu (2B), Adam Ottavino (RP), and J.A. Haap (SP). They also have retained Zach Britton (RP) and C.C. Sabbathia (SP). They also acquired James Paxton, a top 5 left handed starter in baseball, from the Mariners. With that being said, this team already has a potent line-up and their entire pitching staff is solid. Their rotation is not quite as good as the Red Sox but to me, every other part of their team they have the advantage. It’s World Series or bust for the Yankees, but I’m hoping for bust.


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