The excitement for the Alliance of American Football (AAF) is in the air. Many fans were not only happy to have football to watch again, but also to see less penalties. I will talk about why that won’t, probably, be long lived.

So many people enjoyed this big hit:

It was a great and LEGAL hit in the AAF. However, when players start to get concussions or worse – CTE, things will get safe. When players have those issues come up they will start to want money from the league that didn’t make it “safe enough.” There are two ways you can stop this.

THE FIRST WAY: Before the start of the league, players should’ve signed an agreement that says something like this: “We, the AAF, are not responsible for any injuries sustained during the games, practices, etc.” Even if they didn’t do this right away, maybe players would still sign it. Two risks with this: Players may not sign the contract or lawyers, of the player trying to sue, would find a loophole in the contract to make the league seem unsafe.

THE SECOND WAY: Throw some flags! Okay not only throw some flags, but make the league safer. Get the players the proper equipment, mainly helmets, that will keep them protected. Make the rules safer, make the equipment up to par or near to that of the NFL’s equipment and you should be fine.

To me the league has a chance to be a real success if they continue to make improvements to the game, mainly in the safety department. One of my favorite parts about the league is that they have it after the NFL and college seasons. To me that is the only way this league can be successful. And if you didn’t know the overnight ratings were better than the NBA on ABC last night. This league will likely be very successful. However, once baseball season starts that is where my attention will turn.

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