Who’s Better…Tom Brady or Bill Belichick?

It is very hard to debate that both of these guys are the best quarterback and head coach respectively. So, I concede Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time and Bill Belichick is the greatest head football coach of all time. The question in my mind is, who’s better? Now obviously one is a coach and the other a quarterback so that is hard to compare but I think it’s interesting to think about. My initial argument will be based mainly on points per game. I hope to go deeper into this eventually.

If you put the points allowed in the Super Bowl by the Patriots defense against the points scored by the offense it would roughly be a 24 to 22 final score. The Patriots offense would come out on top. 15 out of the 19 seasons since the Patriots won their first Super Bowl, they have been a top ten defense. Well can you believe that their offense has been even better during that time? Yeah 17 out of the 19 seasons they were in the top ten scoring offense.

So if you look at it from those two perspectives it seems to point to Brady as being better. However, average points per game/points allowed doesn’t give us all the information we need to make a concrete decision. Eventually I would like to dive deeper into this question with more research. But as I’m sure most of you, especially Patriots fans, are thinking who cares? They’re both great, just move on. I will do that for now but I do think some more stats and research could make this an interesting debate. However, I need a lot of time to go deeper into this. I look forward to, hopefully, getting a clearer picture of who is better.

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