Stop the Pro-Bowl

Stop the Pro-Bowl! It is not worth watching for the fans and the players are playing half-heartedly, if that. The rules are very safety friendly which is good for the players in a sense but it takes the entertainment value down quite a bit.

Most players don’t give their max effort because it is essentially a meaningless game. Players do make money and the winners make more money but it is a small amount compared to most of the paychecks the players receive. If they changed the stakes or made it more interesting like they do with the skills competition it would be so much better. If they extended the catching competitions throughout the week it would draw more interest. The dodgeball game that was added last year was a brilliant idea. Maybe add kickball or some other games to the week instead of a pretty meaningless game. Add a kicking competition with the best five kickers from the season, add a hail-mary contest, do something exciting! Give the fans something better than a watered down version of the game they love to watch.

Please and thank you NFL.

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