New Overtime Format?

While most of the NFL world is focused on terrible officiating in the NFC Championship game, rightfully so, lets shift our focus to one of the biggest problems in the NFL…overtime. 

The NFL’s format for overtime isn’t just bad in the postseason, it’s also bad in the regular season. In the regular season the most recent change saw the NFL bring the time of the period from 15 minutes to 10 minutes. That change isn’t a terrible thing but did they change anything else? No, and that’s the problem. To make overtime more exciting they need to allow both teams to possess the ball no matter what. We all would like to have seen Patrick Mahomes get another shot in overtime, well everyone except New England and their fans. However, in the early overtime game we saw the Saints punt after receiving the kickoff. So, it’s not like the other team has no chance to stop the other.

Many NFL fans would like the league to change the over-time rules to be like college football or a variation of that. Why not play either a full 10 or 15 minute period and see who wins? Yes like a basketball game. Yes, it is a long time to keep playing but it is much more exciting and fair to both teams, especially teams that lack a good defense (ahem Kansas City). It would be fine to go with the college overtime rules too but they should be extended back to the 40 or 50 yard-line. Whatever you do, give both teams an opportunity to score. I like the 10 minute, whoever has the lead at the end wins, overtime myself.

If the NFL can fix this and fix penalties (calls or no calls) in game, fans will have a lot less to complain about in terms of the league. One would think that a commissioner who makes north of $30 million per year could make some good changes.

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